The West Coast Green Highway is an initiative to promote the use of cleaner fuels. By increasing the market demand for high-efficiency, zero- and low-carbon-emitting vehicles, this initiative aims to reduce the transportation sector’s impact upon the environment and dependency on foreign oil.

The West Coast Green Highway is the 1,350 miles of Interstate 5 (I-5) stretching from the U.S. border with Canada, through Washington, Oregon, and California, to the U.S. border with Mexico. Designated a “Corridor of the Future” by the U.S. Department of Transportation, I-5 could soon become the nation’s cleanest, greenest, and smartest highway. The drivers of hundreds of thousands of cars and trucks that travel on this major roadway each day soon may select from a menu of clean alternative fuel such as natural gas, biodiesel, ethanol, or hydrogen .

The West Coast Green Highway Projects

Reducing carbon emissions, creating jobs and advancing energy independence

The West Coast Green Highway initiative strengthens the economy with environmentally sustainable transportation options. By encouraging a shift from petroleum-based fuels to alternative fuels with low or no carbon emissions, the initiative helps meet national greenhouse gas reduction goals and creates green-technology jobs.

On the west coast, the transportation sector accounts for a large portion of the total greenhouse gas emissions. The green highway initiative contributes to a full suite of strategies needed to reduce transportation emissions:

  • Reducing vehicle miles traveled
  • Improving vehicle technology
  • Lowering the carbon content of fuels
  • Improving the efficiency of the transportation system

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I-5 by the Numbers

1,350: Miles on I-5 from Canada to Mexico

550: Miles on I-5 through heavily congested urban areas

71,000-300,000: Number of vehicles on I-5 daily

10,000-35,000: Number of commercial trucks on I-5 daily

150,000: Number of vehicles on I-5 daily by 2035 without further improvement to the corridor

95%: Portion of I-5 projected to be heavily congested by 2035 without major intervention (source: USDOT)

I-5 West Coast Green Highway

I-5 West Coast Green Highway map